Q: What is your favorite.....?

A: Everywhere has been filled with once in a lifetime experiences, friendly people, culture, and gorgeous nature.  It is hard to pick just one place. Our favorites within various categories are as follows:

Warmest Welcome: Manihi, French Polynesia; Tual, Indonesia; Badas, Indonesia

Best for chartering a sailboat: Tonga or Raitaeah/Tahaa/Bora Bora

Best anchorages: Moorea, Society Islands; Hanamoena Bay, Tahuata, Marquesas;  All of them in Vava'u Group, Tonga; South Rinca, Komodo

Best hike/view: Maupiti, French Polynesia; Padas, Komodo

Best swimming holes: Niue

Most magical/best preserved culture:  Vanuatu

Best volcano: Vanuatu

Least spoiled by tourism: The Marquesas, the eastern islands of Indonesia 

Best wildlife:  Galapagos

Best scuba diving: Fakarava (Sharks!),  Niue (water clarity, caves, snakes, whales), Tonga (tiny colorful creatures, swim throughs), Fiji (Sea Turtles), Vanuatu (Coolidge Wreck), Kei Islands (Coral and Sponge Diversity/Condition) Komodo Indonesia (EVERYTHING!  Turtles, Mantas, Nudibrach, Variety of Coral) 

Best manta rays: Maupiti, Society Islands;  Komodo, Indonesia

Best fat and friendly eel named Princess: Bora Bora, Society Islands

Best beach food: Mexico or Galapagos.

Best food, generally: Mexico, Indonesia

Best fresh veggies and fruit: New Zealand

Best hamburger: Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Best French Pastries: Huahine, French Polynesia; Port Vila, Vanuatu

Best beer:  New Zealand has great craft beers, but they are ungodly expensive. 

Best Beer Label: Papua New Guinea

Q: What are your favorite sailing movies?


If you have to watch anything else (which, you don't) then Wind, a 1980s movie about Americas Cup.  But it is best viewed in the company of Australians.  I don't think they've made any good sailing movies since the 80's.  Tell me if you find something new!