Round and fuzzy, soft and blue.  Captain Andrew's Millennial Alter-Ego. The Instigator. Suffers from bouts of sea sickness. Enjoys trying crazy ideas. Loves travel, and is just a little odd.

Captain ANDREW

Captain. Chemical Engineer. Handyman. Sales-guy. Curious. Honest. Tenacious. Has never met an informational sign he does not read. Subject to a chronic case of itchy feet.  


Valiant 40.  World Traveler.  Ocean Vessel.  Strong.  Protective of friends. Loyal and wise.  Loves rum and salt water.  Seeking additional milage under her keel.


Helmswoman, Log Keeper, Spinnaker Tamer, Desert Rat, Project Planner, Risk Manager, Attorney.  Introspective, lover of efficiency. Seeking to see the Big Picture.


Comfort Owl. Advisor. Counselor. Brave. Patient. A Good Listener. Mellow, with nerves of steel.  Always prepared with a contingency plan. 


Focus Kiwi. Territorial. Keeper of Priorities. Favors night watches. A bit rolly-polly in the waves. Still acclimating to the tropics. 


The Unsinkable Porta-Bote.  Youthful and a bit impulsive.   Conducts rescue missions.  Loves riding an epic wave curl. Willing to eat an adventure. Unafraid, even when he should be.