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If you are long time followers of the blog, you already know…this is Captain Andrew, and I am First Mate, helms-woman, and logkeeper, Leslie Godfrey. If you are new here, welcome! This blog is the real life, oddly compelling story of a sailing circumnavigation around the world. Our voyage cast off February 28, 2016, and to date we have sailed from San Diego, California, USA to Mexico, the Galapagos Islands, through the South Pacific and South East Asia. We are staging ourselves now on the shores of Thailand to continue the journey across the Indian Ocean starting January of 2020.

We haven’t always been citizens of the sea. Andrew and I both grew up in the high desert mountains near Salt Lake City, Utah, several hundred miles away from any ocean. Our dream to circumnavigate the world seemed to materialize out of nowhere in the winter of 2004. At the time, we had never stepped foot on a sailboat, we didn’t know anyone else who had traveled by sail, and YouTube vlogging was only a sparkle in the future’s eye. We had nothing but student loans and newly acquired degrees to our name. Yet, something (someone?) whispered in our ears “how would it be, if we all went to sea?” 

For a long time thereafter, I puzzled over what might make any person (let alone myself) pursue a crazy idea that seems out of character and outside their present skill set. The longer I have known Andrew, the more often I see a round and fuzzy, soft and blue unicorn at the center of his soul. It is a creature that knows no limitations and dreams with his whole “odd-heart.” He is an optimist with outlandish ideas, but he is also tough as nails and willing to do the work it takes to create his reality. And, in the last few years, I’ve realized Andrew is not the only one; all my friends seem to have their own odd-heart. 

We don’t actually carry a fuzzy blue unicorn around the world with us, but he is always here in spirit. He is charge of navigation, maintaining high ship morale, and making sure we execute the dreams beating in our own Odd-Hearts —- even when it is scary, uncomfortable, or somewhat senseless.

This is Oddgodfrey.

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