Calling Oddgodfrey's Launch Recruits!

by Leslie Godfrey in ,


The Mostly True Story of a Unicorn That Goes to Sea.

Oddgodfrey Cover Leslie-2.jpg

You’ve been dropped in a place you were never meant to be,

harboring a dream to cast off and sail to sea.

You don’t know how or even when,

but you know you MUST go no matter what

…what then?

Follow your odd heart, that is Oddgodfrey’s route.

Yes! Even on days with discomfort and doubt.

He has written this book so now you can know

a unicorn will make a plan and find a way to go.

Coming very soon! Who wants to help?

As always, thank you for following along with so much enthusiasm as the Oddgodfrey Team plugs along on this journey. My hope is that you enjoy some of the experiences, laughs, and maybe even heart pounding adventures along side us. It always makes us so happy when you reach out with comments or emails. We love to know you are out there, and your support always buoys our spirits.

That’s why I want you guys to be the first to know what’s really going on with Oddgodfrey’s first children’s book. It’s happening! The illustrations are done, I’m working through contracting with publication options, and we are planning a marketing and launch strategy as we speak. There is no one more excited about launching Oddgodfrey’s first children’s book into the world than I am. Once I feel the sharp corners of that binding and smell the ink on freshly cut pages, it will be one of my own dreams come true.

Yet, I have to admit. I don’t want this book to be relegated to the confines of my own mother’s bookshelf. I’m convinced Oddgodfrey deserves a much wider audience! For that, we are going to need some help. The way of the world these days, the more substantial the search activity and purchasing around a product’s initial launch, the higher in search results it will be placed for years to come with Google, Amazon and any other search algorithm you can think of. If Oddgodfrey is going to be successful, he is going to need friends and family to talk about him, buy the book, give it a review, and otherwise help bring this book into the world. There are several ways you can help:

(1) Especially between now and the time the book is launched, share links to the advertising and promotions I create and send around through your social media or email accounts introducing your friends and family to Oddgodfrey;

(2) Buy a copy for yourself or a little dreamer you love when the book comes out (of course!);

(3) Provide a review on Amazon in the first week of publication to raise the book’s circulation in social media, Amazon, and Google algorithms; and

(4) If you know anyone in any industry that may help us widen the audience for Oddgodfrey, make introductions. This would include teachers, school librarians, sellers of children’s books, or editors of magazines, online magazines, or newspapers for whom an article about sailing, dream making, grit, or teamwork, or children’s stories about any of the above might be of interest;

If you are willing to do any or all of these things, reach out and let us know by Facebook comment, email or a comment below that you are willing to help. If you are on Facebook, you can also join Oddgodfrey’s Launch Party Facebook Group for updates and information. Don’t miss out on Launch Party fun! Help us out and join the Launch Team. You know you want to be one of the first to see Andrew and I in illustration form as Captain and Mate!