How Did You Do It? A Word From Jocko

by Leslie Godfrey in ,

As I lounge around convalescing, I am catching up on podcasts I like, reading, enjoying our friend’s generous offer to house me in a room with air conditioning. I ran into a Jocko Willick podcast that I just love, and it answers one of the most frequently asked questions we get: “How did you do it? How is it possible for you to take five+ years away from work and sail around the world? How are you able to stick to the plan and push it forward for fourteen years and counting?”

We have a hard time putting our finger on the answer. It’s simple and complex at the same time. The simple answer is we have been chipping away at it every day for a long time. The complex answer involves focus, patience, movement, and growth every single day while minimizing backtracking as often as possible. I’ve posted a few of these “how-to” posts on Instagram, I’ve been slowly writing our backstory into the blog so you know the nitty-gritty of our details, we even gave a whole presentation about this at our local Yacht Club the last time we visited home. But, none of our answers are satisfying or succinct. I admit our way is not the only way or probably even the best way. It’s just “a” way. What I do know is whatever method you use - it requires fairly consistent focus and hard work. At very least, it requires that you to avoid self sabotage. I found this podcast episode today, and it’s the best general answer I’ve ever run across to the question: “How do you execute a stretch goal or long term objective?”

Go forward today, at very least hold your line. For yourself, for your partner, to maximize the achievement of whatever it is you want.