Ensenada Day Three

by Leslie Godfrey in

Tacos for breakfast, we make our way back to the same taco stand we visited on the first day.  Coffee and Brian had business to attend to, so we were all on our own.  The stand keeper recognized us immediately, “Olas!  Where are your amigos?”  We explained as best we could they had business and ordered the Chorizo Mixto Taco, which I realize now had tripe mixed in with the carne aside and chorizo.  It was tasty, I will get used to tripe.

After breakfast, Andrew and I walked the three miles out to El Playa Municipal (the public beach). There, we found locals enjoying their day, kids building sand castles like kids always build sand castles, and the guy who sells candied mangos.  His son was there helping him.  Shy, with freckles, and light blue eyes against coffee colored skin, he was a very handsome little guy of about ten. "Two?" he asks us. His father prepares our mango.  

Once we caught up with Coffee and Brian, we were on the hunt for the best Margarita we could find.  We stop into our little Oyster shop again, and ask a local’s opinion.  Hussong’s of course!  He informs us Hussong's is where the margarita was invented, so we must go there.  

Back to Hussongs!

Hussongs was much quieter this afternoon than the night previous.  We pull up a stool at the bar and request Hussong’s famous margarita. The bar tender laughed.  “You know they were invented here at Hussong's!”  So we have heard.  One part tequila, one part controy, one part Mexican lime juice, a salt rim.  Simplicity, perfection. 

This is just what I was looking for.  Not some mango slushy with plastic bottle well tequila for this girl.  Nope, I am only looking for the real thing.  We enjoy our authetinc Hussong’s margarita and the authentic muchachos drinking in the back room, then depart.  It was too perfect.

We have dinner reservations at 7:00 at Ensenada’s best fine dining location: Manzilla’s.  We gussy ourselves up from adventure gear to slightly cleaner adventure gear.  I even put on makeup.  We stop at Ensenada’s microbrewery on the way and confirm that Ensenada has lovely beers available as well.  

At Manzilla’s our friends treat us to a beautiful six course tasting menu with wine pairing to celebrate the launch of our circumnavigation. The dinner could not be more enjoyable.  The ambiance was nice, the restaurant quiet, the food beautifully prepared, the service attentive.  Every course was amazing, but overall, my favorite was dessert.  Creme Fraiche ice cream, served with sweet potato mash on the side, toasted oats with cinnamon, and Mexico’s special caramel sauce. This was paired with Mezcal Alupus.  Mezcal is like tequila only much richer and more flavorful.  It is made from agave leaves that have been smoked and then fermented.  It paired perfectly with the dessert.  

As we readied ourselves to go, we noted the elevator jazz version of Ace of Base’s “All That She Wants” playing in the background.  Interesting choice of background music.  We walked back to the boat to blare our Ace of Base Album as the children of the 90s that we are.

Thanks for hosting an amazing first stop, Brian, Coffee and the friendly people of Ensenada.