Reader Question: Isn’t It All The Same Anyway?

by Leslie Godfrey in

There is a sunrise each day.  

I breathe in and out.  

(Ideally) I stretch, meditate, then eat a breakfast.

I skip this if I feel too busy.

I write something.  

I eat lunch. 

I talk to some people.  

My feet walk somewhere.  

I commute from one place to another place.

I see sky and trees, I smell flowers.

There is water, mountains, rain and sun, dirt and sand. 

I breathe in and out.

I kiss my husband.

“How was your day today?  What did you learn?” I ask.

We exercise.

We eat dinner together.

I listen to some music.

There is a sunset.

I read and study something.

I get tired.

I brush my teeth.

I go to bed.

I sleep.

Every day.  

It has been like this for the last 15 years,

even before we left to sail.  

Every day it is all the same.