Pacific Puddle Jump

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Hi Everyone! Well, after we left Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos, we headed to Isabel Island. Isabel was beautiful, and it had the most wildlife and beautiful scenery of all the Galapagos Islands we visited. However, it did not have strong internet or any paved roads. So, we were unable to post the last three days of our Galapagos Experience or any back story posts to keep you entertained while we cross the Pacific. I promise I will finish posting Galapagos pictures once we find wifi again. Photos of blue footed boobies, the smallest penguin species in the world, spotted manta rays, more land tortoises, sea turtles as big as me, and pink flamingos are headed your way -- eventually.

In the meantime, we set sail 3009 miles across the deep blue from the Galapagos to French Polynesia. As of today, we have been sailing for two full weeks. We likely have anywhere from 7-15 more days to go, depending on the wind. If you want to see what it is like to have no land anywhere near you, google maps search our coordinates: 5 degrees, 24 minutes South; 122 degrees, 28 minutes West. That is a lot of ocean in every direction, wouldn't you agree?

Sonrisa has agreed to update you on the process of our passage going forward, but we won't be able to post any pictures until landfall. Stand by for more!